Wandered Roads 23.3

Wandered Roads of Varisia
Session 23.3

Busy Work

Fireday, 21st of Lamashan

The following morning, after a good nights sleep, Daellin heads out onto the streets of Magnimar to take care of some business.

Daellin steps out from the broad steps of Kaijitsu Manor into the busy streets of Magnamar.  With each step he distances himself from the filth and squalor of the abandoned home.  His elvish sense of pride in one's dwelling is deeply assaulted by the state of Ameiko’s house.  Well aware that he and his companions may only stay for a short while he still feels compelled to address the substandard living conditions.  Realizing that no one in the group has the spare time to work on the house he has set out to find someone who does.  

“Surely somewhere in this city is a guild or organization for housemaids and lawnkeepers.” Daellin thinks to himself.  “All one has to do is find out where, exactly.”  Determined to begin immediately he heads for the central markets.  While walking he smiles and whistles a merry tune.

After walking for a short distance from the Manor house, Daellin sees a group of women walking down the street pulling a small hand cart with cleaning supplies, brooms and other sundry items.

With a flourish of his cape and a short bow to the women, Daellin grins and addresses the group.  “Good morning my fair ladies.  I am Daellin Silvantheus, and I beg leave to ask a question of you.  I know that you are busy and I promise this will only take a moment of your time.  Time I will gladly pay for.”  He pulls forth a golden coin and spins it slowly in his right hand.  He watches the group, awaiting a response.

“Of course, kind sir, how can we be of assistance to you?” one of the women, a Human with obvious Varisian blood, responds.

Daellin smiles his elvish best and begins, “My comrades and I are in need of a housekeeper.  Not an unusual request, I know, but the manor we have taken residence in is in need of a great deal of work.  We require the services of someone hardworking and trustworthy.  Proficiency with cooking a wide variety of meals is a definite advantage.  My friends and I are of as varied backgrounds and stations as imaginable, so a bit of tolerance is necessitated.   A amicable sense of humor is appreciated as we are a bit rough around the edges but entirely good hearted.  Perhaps most importantly we need someone discreet.  Do you know where I might find someone who fits that description?

The speaking lady glances at her companions then back to the Elf, “Well, sir, we are all gainfully employed, though my sister is looking for work. She is a skilled house servant. She can clean, cook, wash, chop firewood. She’s not the best cook, but she’s a smart girl. I’m sure she could figure out whatever it is you need. What kind of discreet business are you talking about? I’d love to help Nesme out, but I don’t want to go mixing her up in anything dangerous.”

“My comrades and I travel quite exhaustively and are involved in numerous projects.  We do our best not take our business home with us, but I cannot say that there is no possibility of danger.  However I can state unequivocally that she shall come to no harm as it is in my power to prevent.  I give you my solemn oath as a Farstrider that she shall be in no greater danger than any other resident of Magnimar.   My friends and I are quite capable of protecting those who have placed their trust in us.”  Daellin does his best to project an aura of strength and honesty to the woman.

The woman steps close, purses her lips and eyes Daellin up and down and slips into a less refined, Varisian speech pattern, “I know yer kind. Adventurer, right? Nothing more’n a traveling murderer if ya ask me. But I know your lot has money. I’ll send my sister by tonight. You can take a look at her then. But don’t think you scare me. I got me a cousin as one of the Creepers. Ya don’t be pulling nothing shady with her.” She steps back, straightens up and resumes her more formal speech, “If that suits you, kind sir, that is.”

Daellin places the coin in her palm and closes her hand about it.  “I assure you madam that my companions and I are most assuredly not your typical band of marauders.  One day you will know us as well as the good people of Sandpoint and be proud to count us as friends.  Have your Nesme come to the Kaijitsu Manor as the hour strikes six.  Make sure to have her ask for Daellin Silvanthalas.  Do not worry madam you have made a wise choice that will in time benefit your sister immensely.”  Daellin turns and bows gracefully to each of the women in turn before taking his leave of them.  

Feeling good that he had taken care of that menial task, he considered a few other things that he could address before lunch. Upon arrival in Magnimar and taking up residence in the Kaijitsu Estate, the City Watch had advised them to check in with the Magnimar Charterhouse, the local government office related to housing and such. He patted the letter from Ameiko that was folded in his belt and headed down the wide lane in the direction the Watch had given them the previous day. Heading down the wide Avenue of Honors toward some sort of towering sculpture ahead that supposedly marks the area of the government buildings. As he makes his way through the early morning crowd, he gets a better look at the towering, easily 50 foot tall statue ahead of him. A lone warrior stands atop a pillar with two enormous serpentine creatures wrapped around it, ready to attack. It sits in the middle of a wide circle where several roads converge. People and wagons mill about coming and going, considerably congested toward the northwest where the road leads down to the lower city, called the Shore. Daellin notes several folk, most who look like fishermen, standing around, staring up at the sculpture. All of them appear to be talking, most of them reading words off of pages of parchment held in front of them. The noise of the city streets prevents him from hearing what they are saying though.

To his right, sits an impressive stone building,nearly as tall as the monument standing in the center of the road in front of it. The building has several City Watch members stationed around it, and the steady stream of official looking people heading in and out seems to say it is, at the very least, a place of government. Off to his left, the Elf spies another curious structure. A block or so off the main street, he sees a tall building, cylindrical in shape, its outer surface covered in metal and glass. The top of the building appears to be a wide spherical structure. He can see a tall fence surrounding the building with iron birds, wings outstretched, perched every few feet.

Attempting to check his impulsivity and stay on track, Daellin bows to a passing scribe and greets him, asking if he is in the right place for the Chapter House. The scribe tells him no, that this is the Pediment Building, the court and prison of Magnimar. He points past the gargoyle faced building to the southeast, further into the Capitol District and indicates that the Chapter House is just a block or so behind the Pediment Building and tells Daellin how to find it.

Daellin continues down the street in the general direction indicated by the scribes outstretched hand.  He passes the unusual structure, not about to be intimidated by the leering gargoyles.  He brusquely steps past the building unsure what purpose the vast statues might serve.  Before too much longer and with only minimal directions from passerby he finally arrives at the Chapter House.

The Chapter House is a low, two story structure of mostly white stone. Wide columns line the front entryway and several studious looking folk pass in and out of the open doors. One City Watchman can be seen standing idly nearby on the wide patio near the front door. He nods slightly toward Daellin as he strides up the stairs.

Once inside the airy building, a young scribe sitting at a table looks up at Daellin and asks him if he needs assistance.

Daellin bows and introduces himself with a flourish.  “Good day to you my young sir.  I am indeed in need of some assistance and I believe you just might be the man to provide it.  You see, my travelling  companions and I have just recently arrived in town and have taken up residence in a friends home.  We had done the family a great service back in Sandpoint.  As a token of their friendship they offered us the use of their humble abode.  To make sure there were no misunderstandings they provided us with paperwork confirming all.  We wish to affirm that all is in order and in good standing.  We don't need any trouble seeking us out later on.  To whom do I need to speak with?”

The scribe looks at the letter Daellin offers him and reads it over. “Ahh, yes, the Kaijitsu Estate. It’s good timing by you all. I believe that the city was nearing drastic measures regarding that property. It has sat untended for far too long. An eyesore on the neighborhood, you know. Take this down the hall to the 3rd door on the left. They can help you there.”

“Third door on the left you say?  Excellent.  You have been most helpful.  Thank you and good day to you.”  Daellin gathers up his paperwork and heads off down the hall, watching for the third door on the left.  

Daellin spends the next several hours in a frustrating mess of bureaucratic red tape. Though it seems that everything is in order, he has to see this person, sign this document, show the letter to someone else, over and over. Finally, the deed is done and everyone seems pleased. It is now well past late morning and approaching midday as he leaves the Charter House, but not before stopping off and purchasing a few maps of the local area. Using money found on the defeated cultists, Daellin buys a decent map of the city of Magnimar, showing many of its unique monuments, and one of all of Varisia.

Standing in the street in front of Charter House, Daellin pauses for a moment and pulls for his newly aquired map.  While not exactly thrilled by the idea of visiting the local watch, he realizes that someone has to.  At the very least he would rather visit them than have someone coming round asking awkward questions later on.  

After conferring with some locals and confirming that the Arvensoar si the best place to speak to the watch, he decides he needs to get the energy reserve on Maelos replenished and then get back to the manor house before he misses his appointment with Nesme, the prospective housekeeper for the manor.

He finds a nearby enchanter who can manage to get his sword recharged then heads back for the interview. Back at the manor, he sees that all of his friends are gone, off running various personal errands he supposes. He meets Nesme and she seems like a nice Varisian girl, she has seemingly good references and Daellin has a good feeling about her, so he takes it upon himself to hire her.

Characters Present:

Daellin Silvanthalas, Elven Farstrider Ranger - played by +Ben Lipe
and +Jason Woollard as the DM

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