Wandered Roads 20

Wandered Roads of Varisia
Session 20
February 23, 2013

Campaign Timeline

Out With the Old, In With the New

Starday, 15th of Lamashan.

Loot is sold and divided, supplies are bought and several members make a trip back to Thistletop to allow Leela a chance to get a map of the complex. After some excitement both in and out of town, the group has reunited and is headed for the Rusty Dragon Inn to make their final arrangements. As the group enters the Inn, nearly the entire town jumps out and yells “Surprise!” It turns out that Ameiko and some other townsfolk got together and planned a going away party for the heroes. Ameiko unveils the newly mounted axe she bought from Ehlyna, showing an image of her face with the inscription “The Hero of Sandpoint.”


The night was filled with eating and drinking and games and stories and fun. Many of the prominent
townsfolk stood up and gave speeches of thanks. Daellin even took the stage to deliver a severely long winded story regaling the towns recent exploits and why the ‘Heroes’ did what they did and this and that and....

The next morning, the group heads out of town, following the Lost Coast Road to the south and east. According to the locals, the trip should take about 3 days, but supplies for a slightly longer trip were procured just in case.

On the first day, while making a stop to rest and forage, a hunting party of Elves was encountered on the fringes of the Whisperwood. They were friendly enough, as friendly as Elves can be, at least, and shared the information that they were tracking a group of bandits thought to be operating in the area. Later that night, just before midnight, the ‘Heroes’ found the bandits, or more appropriately, the bandits found the ‘Heroes.” Fortunately Daellin’s Forest Warning magic warned the party of the bandits approach and they were driven off fairly easily. The first wave of bandits were defeated and killed by the warriors of the group while Vexeron managed to drive off a 2nd set of bandits using the illusion of a Troll and lighting a huge section of the forest floor on fire! The fire was put out, also with magic and the bodies of the bandits were disposed of. Some wanted to pursue the remaining bandits, but the consensus was to stay put.

The next day brought the cold, autumn rain, soaking everyone to the bone. The road became a treacherous, muddy affair and slowed them down considerably. Fortunately a roadside Inn was discovered toward the end of the day and the group was happy to get out of the rain, though Calina and Kallin both chose to camp outside in the rain instead. The innkeeper said they were just about a days travel out from Magnimar still.

The next day was uneventful (though the rain had stopped) and very slow going in the rain soaked road, but the party pushed on. The next morning, the group was in sight of Magnimar. After topping a short rise, the land before them ran down to Magnimar, still an hour or so away. They could see the impressive ruins of the Irespan stretching out from the city into the waters of the Varisian Gulf. Beyond the city can be seen the swampy stretch known as the Mushfens, known to be the largest swamp in all the lands. The Mushfens reach from Magnimar all along the southern coast of Varisia, nearly all the way to Korvosa, some 600 miles away.
What a skyline - Welcome to Magnimar!

As the group approached the city, they spotted many more travelers on the road and in the surrounding areas. The woods that had been consistent on their left was now nearly gone, mostly cleared for lumber and farmland. Numerous boats and ships could be seen plying the waters of the Gulf and of the Yondabakari River.

Calina, by JeCorey
They met a Varisian family traveling away from the city who stopped and chatted for a while. They warned Calina of the dangers of being Varisian in Magnimar, saying that most of Cheliaxian lineage (and even many mixed blood Chelish/ Varisians) looked down upon the Varisians, seeing them as nothing more than dirty gypsies and thieves. The family bid the group farewell and continued on their route north while the party drove their wagon toward the city gates.

There was a line of travelers and wagons at the gate, but the gate guards seemed to be moving everyone in fairly quickly. They asked the group some simple questions when it was their turn and then welcomed them to Magnimar, the City of Monuments.

Continuing Story Doc

Continuing Story Summary

The group finally arrives in Magnimar, and with the help of a Fey guide, Phineas Fizzletop, make their way to the Kaijitsu Estate, where they will be spending their days. The group gets settled and plans the next course of action.

Players Present:

+Daniel Ernst as Kallin Hawkril - Half-Orc shaman and budding Priest of Pharasma
+Carol Coburn as Calina - Varisian Human archer and scout
+Lisa Smith as Leela Cardnool - Gnome scout, cartographer and Illusionist
+Ben Lipe as Daellin Silvanthalas - Elven Farstrider Ranger
+Greg Grady as Vexeron - Human wizard
+JeCorey Holder as Samad Aldhul - Human ex-mercenary
+Jason Woollard as the DM

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