Wandered Roads 17

Wandered Roads of Varisia
Session 17
December 1, 2012

Campaign Timeline

More Misgivings

Moonday, 10th of Lamashan
More ghosts!

The group met another adventurer in the area, a Gnomish scout/ mapper by the name of Leela Caardnool. She was interested in some of the recent ruins the group had explored and asked if she could tag along and hang out with the party.

The groups next outing was to be back to the Misgivings to look for more clues and make another attempt to put a stop to the ghoul problem. Ehlyna and Ellie stayed back in town.

More of the haunted mansion was explored and more of the insidious haunts were encountered, causing horrific hallucinations, causing party members to attack one another and so forth until finally, in the basement, they found an entrance to an even lower level. When investigating it, Kallin and Leela were both overcome by a powerful image of Aldern Foxglove digging into the floor and then being surrounded and overcome by ghouls. Kallin and Leela both experienced the same vision, even developing wounds caused by the illusory ghouls! The group was then alerted by Daellin, who had been waiting outside with the horses that they should return to Sandpoint as soon as possible because he had spotted a large pack of ghouls converging on the house!

The group rode off back to Sandpoint to regroup and plan the next foray into the sub-basement of Foxglove Manor.

Session Notes

I'll punch you in the neck!
Added another new player at this session. Lisa (Carol's daughter) joined us as Leela Cardnool, a Gnome cartographer and explorer with psionic power over light energy. Lisa and Leela jumped right in and did a fantastic job of role playing with the group despite the fact that here gaming experience included only games like Monopoly and Uno. 

And regretfully this time, no  Continuing Story again. But just wait for it, I promise, its coming back around!

Characters Present:

Kallin Hawkril, Half-Orc shaman and budding Priest of Pharasma - played by +Daniel Ernst
Calina - Varisian Human archer and scout - played by +Carol Coburn
Leela Cardnool, Gnome scout, cartographer and Illusionist - played by +Lisa Smith
Daellin Silvanthalas, Elven Farstrider Ranger - played by +Ben Lipe
Vexeron, Human wizard - played by +Greg Grady
Ehlyna Fuzziface - Dwarven Warrior - played by +Jodi H
Samad Aldhul, Human ex-mercenary - played by +JeCorey Holder
Ellie - Halfling Finder of Things - played by +Megan McCarron
and +Jason Woollard as the DM

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