Dark Paths 28

Dark Paths of Riddleport
Session 28
April 14, 2013

There's a Hole in the Bucket

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Session Summary

After dealing with the threat of the manticore, the party decided to focus its search for skymetal in the actual water filled crater. Guy, using his Wave Bracelet that gave him the ability to move and breathe freely underwater, went into the crater lake in hopes to find more of the noqual. After about a half hour search, he came across a distinct hole in the bottom of the lake that seemed to have something in the bottom of it. Unfortunately it was too far down for his short, Gnome arms to reach, so he reached out with his psionic powers and grabbed the object and slowly but surely pulled it out. It turned out to be a 3lb chunk of the skymetal!

He returned to the shore to share his find and he was informed by the others that they had spotted something moving in the tree line 1000 feet away, but whatever it was did not show itself. Guy went back to work searching the bottom of the lake, and while he discovered several more possible locations of skymetal chunks, he was not able to actually see or retrieve any of them.

As the day was getting longer, several groups of the strange zombie like creatures presented themselves. The creatures slowly clambered toward the group on the shore of the crater lake. Due to the distance and difficult terrain, it took considerable time for each of the three groups to arrive. Some talk of making traps and other deterrents was had. Paal even built a trap involving bent back tree limbs, but when he tired to start a fire, and was unsuccessful, he gave up on the traps idea.

After some thinking, the Crew thought that these zombies might have some sort of vulnrability to water like the other strange creatures did and since the zombies were said to have risen from people bitten by these tentacled lion-dog creatures, it was worth a shot. Bodi had found a small chunk of wood that could hold a gallon or so of water. Aethel then cast a spell on him allowing him to fly. Bodi took off, resisted doing some loops in the air, then flew over to the slow-going zombies and dumped the water right in its face. The zombie fell to the ground hissing and screaming. The water had great affect on the zombies. Bodi flew back and Aethel used his shaping magic to great effect and crafts several bowls out of downed tree wood.

Everyone then stepped back into the water as the zombies approached and began splashing them. It seemed that the zombies were not scared to walk a little ways into the water, but when the water hit them in the face, they fell to the ground, dead again.

After some time, all three groups of approaching zombies were dispatched of with no injury to anyone. It seemed that the hour was very late and the Crew decided to head back to camp. Guy remembered the way and the hike back home was almost worse than the hike earlier that day.

Samaritha and the wounded Cyphermage, Harik, were still there, safe. Harik was feeling and looking a bit better. Samaritha said that Snargash's magical mist protected the camp but she thinks that some of the dog/lion/tentacle creatures had been nearby earlier that day.

Continued Story Doc

Continued Story Summary

After returning to the base camp and making sure their two guests are still safe, the group took a moment to examine the 2 chunks of skymetal they had recovered. It was a very tough, yet light material. It was pale green and seemed to sparkle or even be slightly translucent in bright light. It resembled a chunk of crystal more than metal.

Paal sits on a log and starts whittling shavings into a pile in case we need to start a fire. “So, with three days left before our ship arrives, what do we plan to do with the rest of our time?”

At Paal’s question, Aragon looks sideways at Bodi and Aethel.  He knows that ultimately, their quest is to find if there are more of the mythical Drow on the island.  But when is the right time to tell the newcomer?

Unaware of his teammates potential treachery, Paal continues to work for the good of the group.

Bodi looks around at his companions.   “Well we sure have run into our share of trouble on this rock.  The strange animals with tentacles, the manticore, zombies, and one can only imagine what else is here.      The bottom line is, there is a lot more at stake here than just star-metal.   But while we have 3 days left, I think it would be in our best interest to not only look for more star-metal, but also maybe uncover some other secrets yet unknown on this island.”

With that last comment Bodi flashes a wink towards Aragon and Aethel.

“I have heard some tales about this island and while we’re here, it may benefit us to scout them out.    Sure we have this massive crater, but we also had the Witchlight tower, which gave us that nasty tumble, and the lighthouse to check out as well.    I suggest we agree on something and continue to investigate, especially now that our two cypher mages are ready to roll.,

Bodi expected to see the male cyphermage flinch, and picks up on it right away.

“Oh don’t worry there (male mage who’s name I can’t remember), it’s all good.  I have played that wounded rabbit role once or twice before to get into a woman’s drawers, but Samaritha here is too smart for you to get away with it on her, so you may as well just man up and admit now that you’re healthy enough to travel with us.    Or, if you like, I can have Aragon inflict a real wound upon you that WILL keep you grounded.”   

The last line again said with a sneering smile and a darker tone than Bodi normally speaks with.

Bodi then considers his next set of statements.   “We all heard the story of the man and the woman and the Witchlight Tower and the Siren and the love story of death.    Well there are a few more things that may have happened on this island.    Remember folks, there were people who tried to make a community here.    Sure there are some random monsters around that could have made things hazardous, but some of these creatures seem more like they are ‘created’ by foul magic, which leads one to think that there is much more going on here than just random acts of violence by randomly fantastic critters”

“That star or rock or whatever it was that fell was directed to fall  and aimed to land here.   There is something more to this than a random falling piece of metal and rock.   I think the answers to all of that can be found here and we may be in for some surprises on what we find.   But the potential for profit, fame, and fortune are too good to pass up, if you catch my drift.”

Paal says, "Interesting Bodi, what sort of rumors have you heard? If we are to look for something specific we should probably pool all available knowledge on it.”

“The story was about a man who led a group here to settle. they built witch light but he had fallen in love with the Siren. The settlers got upset at this and killed the Siren cause she was a monster. The man got sad and killed himself as well. The settlement failed. that was several decades ago.”

Bodi shrugs.   “Though I have heard other tales.   Like that there are other things, best not named, possibly living or have infiltrated this island.   That alone may be worth more of our effort.”

Paal says, "Other tales like what, exactly? Do you believe them or are they best ignored? “

Aragon shrugs.  “Zombies, not unlike the creatures that attacked earlier.  Ghosts that haunt places where people have died, tragically.  

Once again, the camp is set and Snargash casts his Mystic Mist spell to protect the camp through the night. A watch is set and everyone settles in for the evening. Nothing happens during the night, though several folk report that they heard sounds of movement in the nearby forest during their watch, though nothing too close to the camp.

Taking a quick inventory of their supplies, it seems that with the addition of the Northman Paal and the two Cyphermages, their food stores are being depleted faster than they expected. Already, about half of the weeks supply of food is gone in just 3 days on the island and 4 of the 7 water barrels are already empty.

Paal says, "Well, we know there are buzzards on the island, and there are plenty of gulls to eat. Since there was a colony there must have been a source of fresh water. We should be able to restock our supplies fairly easily. If not, we should be able to survive on what we have with a little rationing."

Cast of Characters: 

Aethelarian "Aethel" Flitterseed - Noble Elf wizard played by +Daniel White 
Aragon Whisperwind - Elven Bladedancer played by +Arne Jamtgaard 
Bodi Jantzen - suave and smooth swordsman played by +Mike Biancone 
Guy Greystone - Gnome telekinetic played by +Gren Drake 
Paal Ulfsun - Northman ranger played by +Ben Zittere 
Snargash Windblown - Half-Orc monk played by +Amergin O'Kai 
and +Jason Woollard as the DM

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